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    ruslanmhf Sorry for inconvenience we caused. How about submit the ticket at this link:
    And let me know your order infomation or the license key code, I will send you the activation records and help you to deactivate the license key.


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      i'd just like to circle back on this and throw in my name as supporting what others have said. the license is "per user" not "per machine." Again, none of us are trying to cheat -- but i'd venture a guess that the majority of professional people split their time between a laptop and a desktop. those of us who do are, at all times, the same user. QED -- our license should allow us to do so (and without having to jump through the hoops of de-activating/re-activating.

      i don't understand how you guys got all the way through the apocalypse that was covid 19 without more pushback about this. i would've thought the issue would have necessarily come to a head through that...


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        I would feel the same in your situation, and our team is still collecting feedback for the licensing mechanism, let me forward it to our Marketing/Product team. Apologize again.