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Link within PDF to networked Audio file - PDF Audio Player plays file

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  • Link within PDF to networked Audio file - PDF Audio Player plays file

    I'm not new to PDF software or Foxit, but am fairly new to using more advanced features. This is also my first post on this forum.

    I create Training courses for government folks. What I'd like to do is imbed a link to an external audio file (mp3) and have the users native PDF viewer audio player play the audio file. I know I can imbed audio files into the PDF but I want to avoid this (manual becomes large, no ability to edit or restrict audio following manual download...). I want to link to the audio file located on my server. When i try to do this, Foxit treats the file like a downloadable file and downloads the .mp3 file my computer. What I want however, is for the native viewers' Audio player to play the file.

    Any assistance is appreciated,

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    martinv ,Thanks for using Foxit Software.According to your needs,please do the following:
    Click on "Edit"tab>"Link",then drag and move your mouse on the area where you want to insert the link,in the pop-up "create link" dialog box,please choose "Open/execute a file”,hit "Next...",please navigate to select the audio file (mp3) file in the open dialog box ,click on"Open",then select "Hand" tool under the "Edit"tab to double click on the newly inserted link which will direct you to open the audio file (mp3) automatically.

    Any further questions or conerns,please contact us any time.

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