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Appending date to file name when submitting to email

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  • Appending date to file name when submitting to email

    Is there a way to append the date to the file name when submitting a filled out form to be emailed to a recipient?

    We are trying to create fillable forms for check lists for forklifts and additional equipment and when the forms are submitted from the employee's phone they are being emailed to their manager. The manager will be saving the forms on a location on the server but does not have to go through the hassle of adding the date the form was fill out to the file name when he is saving it. (the users are using their personal phones, so they don't have direct access to the server share)

    Have searched for a way to do it automatically, but have not been successful in finding anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    [email protected]
    I created a demo file that you can try to test on, once you push Send Email, the subject and date you have inputted will be the email subject.
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      Thanks for the demo file, but it is not really what I am looking for. (I may use it though to populate the email if I can get it to work on iOS/Android)
      I am looking to append the date (extracted from the form) and append it to the file name of the filled out PDF form when it is being attached to the email. Is this possible?
      I have tested the demo file on an iPad and it will not work. Is that because the iPad is not supporting the JAVA script? (the users that will be submitting the form will be doing it from their phones (iPhones or Androids).


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        [email protected]
        Unfortunately, so far the file with JS script is not available for Mobile platform, but our engineer team told me that it could be done in the next major update.
        If you still need me to fix the demo file, just let me know.


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          [email protected]
          Also we had submitted a new feature request to our Product team for evaluation as report id#MOBILE-4004, I will forward an update the moment I have it.