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Problem exporting to Tiff

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  • Problem exporting to Tiff

    I have Foxit Pro installed on two different Windows 7 machines. On one when I try to convert a multi page pdf to a tiff it creates a seperate tiff file for each page. In case that wasnt clear, if the pdf is three pages long and I convert to tiff, I receive three tiff files, each one containing 1 page of the pdf. If I do the same procedure on the other machine I get 1 tiff file with 3 pages in it. I have searched through every option or preference I can think of and nothing seems to help.

    Its not the file as I have tried multiple files and they all come out the same. They work on one machine but the other one splits them into multiple tiff files.

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    Hi Loki1982,

    Please check if you're using the latest Foxit PhantomPDF 6.1.2. If not, please update to it and try again. The latest version should export to Tiff fine. Please let us know.