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macOS: FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService consumes unacceptable amount of CPU

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    Thank you for sharing it.


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      What a disappointment to see that the problem is still not solved in version 11.1 of Foxit PDF Editor for Mac!

      I begin to believe that the Foxit Editor for Mac programmers are not as competent as they should be. Perhaps Foxit need to outsource that issue such that someone with proper programming skills can solve this silly problem (I am not aware of a single Mac software company with such an issue). This is more than embarrassing for Foxit. My university was about to switch from Adobe to Foxit – but as CIO I have decided it’s not going to happen based on the current experience with the obviously low skills of the programmers of Foxit for Mac.

      Foxit: Do something about it and let me know. My patience is basically used up.


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        Axel Buchner We are very sorry for the trouble. Right when you reported this issue to us, it has reported to QA team immediately, they were able to reproduce this issue and confirm this is a bug, and pushed our R&D team to fix this issue for you quickly. We already pushing our internal team to raise the priority of this issue.
        I will keep an eye on this case and once there’s any update from R&D and QA, I will let you know asap.


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          I just want to chime in and express my disappointment (and befuddlement) that this serious bug has still not been fixed after five months. In all software projects I have been involved in, an issue such as this one would have been classified as a release blocker and fixed as soon as possible.

          The bug would be pretty bad if it caused a constant 5% CPU load, but it is so much worse: The CPU leak just keeps growing and growing, turning the Mac into a jet engine until the system eventually becomes unresponsive.

          Tech-savvy uses will eventually discover this thread and the workaround described therein, but there will be many other users who'll just wonder why their Macs are performing so poorly after installing Foxit PDF Editor.

          I can't believe we not only have to instruct all of our Mac users again to do the clunky workaround to remove the FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService binary from their systems, but also explain to them that this issue still has not been fixed months later. The latter stings in particular, because we had reassured them that Foxit was not just a good solution for Windows but also for their Macs when we purchased it for the whole organization to replace Adobe Acrobat Pro.

          Please make sure that the next release will no longer be affected by this issue.


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            Thanks for your feedback and I've forwarded your comments to the Product Team as well in order to get it prioritized. We'll keep watching on this issue and update here when the issue been fixed.

            Thank you again.