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macOS: FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService consumes unacceptable amount of CPU

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    Originally posted by pdwalker
    I decided to try my luck again with on MacOSX.

    The FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService CPU hog problem is gone for me.
    Yes, it is fixed in the version 11.1.1, so it should be working fine now.


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      Hello Roy,
      What do you mean that the issue is fixed in version 11.1.1?
      I encountered the same issue after I deleted the FoxitPDF few months ago. I didn't notice it until this morning that the FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService had been consuming about 15% of CPU at background. I installed the latest version 11.1.2 this morning, but the FoxitPDFReaderUpdateService is still there even after I closed the software.

      In addition, I tried both of the suggestions below. They just did not work. I could not find Foxit Software in Application Support folder, neither could I get anything after I Input /Library/Application Support/Foxit Software/FoxitService.

      Could you please let me know what to do next now? I hereby attach the printscreen of my Mac. Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 07.35.53.png
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      For those who want to stop the wasting of battery capacity by FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService or FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService or both, here is a workaround until the Foxit developers solve this problem:
      1. On macOS 11, go to your global Library folder (typically: Macintosh HD/Library, this is not the Library folder in your user directory but rather the library folder in which things are stored that affect all users of your computer).
      2. In your Library folder, go to a folder called Application Support
      3. Find the folder Foxit Software which contains a folder called FoxitService which contains the file FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService or FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService or both; these are the apps that seem to cause the problem.
      4. Delete the folder called Foxit Software (i.e., Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Foxit Software).
      5. I am not sure whether you need to empty your trash but I did it.
      6. Restart. This solved the problem for me.

      We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.
      Here is a workaround you can follow up to see if it works:
      1.Open Finder
      2.Tap Command+Shift+G to get into system directory
      3.Input /Library/Application Support/Foxit Software/FoxitService
      4.You will see two progress (attached 1), please rename that two progress
      5.Reboot your computer, then access to the same location you will find that those two can be deleted.
      Check here for that video.


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        Please accept our deepest apology for the delay in responding.
        Regarding the situation you encountered, I may have to collect some information then forward it to our develop team.
        1. Are you currently using the Admin Console tool to receive/manage license keys? It's an important tool that must prepare for the AC system.
        2. Please upload your device information
        3. Uninstall Foxit program to see if this service disappeared, then reinstall Foxit and take a screenshot of FoxitPDFEditorUpdateService in the Activity Monitor. That would be good if you run Adobe(or other apps) at the same time so we can do a comparison.
        Appreciate it.


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