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How do I disable Foxit 11's new "Format tab"?

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  • How do I disable Foxit 11's new "Format tab"?

    How do I disable and/or move Foxit 11's new "Format tab"? Specifically:

    1. Is there a keyboard shortcut? UPDATE: On Windows, Shift + F4 hides the Task Pane it lives in.
    2. How do I disable it on Mac?
    3. How do I disable it on Windows?
    4. On Windows, is there a registry setting?

    NOTE: By "Format tab", I'm referring to the Foxit Editor 11's documentation, page 8, "What's new":
    "Instead, a Format tab appears in the right panel when you make comments and edit text or other objects"

    MAC: On Mac OS 11.2.3, Foxit Editor does not display any Format Tab, which is the behavior I'd like to see in the Windows version too--at least as an option.
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    When you make comments and edit text or other objects, the Format tab appears and it can not be disabled since users need to access to the tools/options to edit it.
    If you don't want to see it, you can click on X to close it, and it will be back when you double click on the comment again.


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      The problem is that the Task Bar (Format tab) suddenly obscures 30% of the reading area / "document pane", so you can't read anything there without manually closing the Task Bar. In version 10, that didn't happen. In version 11, we now have *more* work.

      Couldn't we have an option to make that bar Horizontal, like before?


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        mellowyellow ,Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you by the new style of format panel provided in the new version 11.
        There is still not any way to make the format panel horizontal. I have already submitted your feedback to our product management team for their further perusal with report ID#

        Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again.


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          Lisa_lee You should pay attention very quickly to this. It's really, really annoying this new format panel. I use Foxit for a long time and because of this table, I already download other pdf viewer. The new layout, ok, is great! But, please, remove this VERY LARGE format panel or make it invisible when the user hide him for the first time. It's not that frequently that someone wants to change the format.


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            the new format tab is really inconvenient, I usually use Foxit together with other software by splitting the screen, with the format tab on the right the reading area is tiny. I suggest that developers enable the option to change this tab to horizontal as it was in the previous version.


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              Thanks for your report, and we already submitted it to our Product team for evaluation, will forward an update the moment we have it.


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                Can I add another vote against the new format tab! I'm another long-time Foxit user and evangelist amongst my friends, but this change is very unhelpful. It means that every time you want to add an annotation (which is something I probably do every few minutes when using Foxit), this huge panel pops up, squashing the pane which actually contains the document that you're trying to view by a massive degree. That has a particularly disruptive effect, as it re-sizes the document, meaning that you lose your place in the thing you're reading. You then have to manually close the format box, and re-find the point you were reading, which really disrupts the flow of work.

                As others have said, the old layout - with the format options being shown under one of the tabs on the "ribbon" at the top of the screen - was far superior.

                I wondered at first whether this change might make more sense for users with very wide monitors (who therefore maybe don't mind if a big panel pops up at the side of their document). However, I suspect that most people with wide enough monitors that they wouldn't notice this, would be likely to try to USE the available space that monitor gives them (e.g. by having two documents side by side in split screen mode). Again, therefore, it doesn't seem to make any sense.

                Many thanks for all who have put their hard work into Foxit - it's really very much appreciated. It's just in this one respect that I think a mistake has been made, and hopefully it can be relatively easily reverted to the old layout.


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                  Thank you for your comment. It has been submitted into the case#PHANTOM-15688 for further investigation.


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                    I agree. This is my first time here at this forum, I came here to try and find a way to turn off this new annoying format tab. I don't like continuously having to manually close it, constantly. I spend more time closing this new format tab than I do doing anything else, it's very annoying. I have loved using Foxit for years but if this new feature isn't changed or allowed to be disabled I will need to find a new viewer, it really is a big distraction and very annoying.


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                      Thank you for your comment. Your feedback has been forwarded to my PM team for future consideration, hope it will be improved in future.


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                        in reference to the unwanted repeated appearance of the FORMAT PANEL..t made using Foxit Reader impossible & so I uninstalled version 11.

                        Am I correct in that Foxit doesn't provide the ability to download previous versions, like 10.1.4 ?

                        Any "updated version" one selects takes you back to the current version 11 download page.

                        thanks ♥


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                          lakemcdougall ,For Foxit Reader,we only provide the link for downloading the most current version on official download center. To downgrade to V10.1.4,please follow the link below to download Foxit Reader 10.1.4:


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                            Thank you Lisa_lee for posting that. I've signed up to the forum simply in order to agree with all the other Foxit users on this post. The new Format tab is incredibly annoying. I've only been using Foxit for the last six months or so, and loved it up to now. I'm really disappointed that I may have to look for a new PDf reader.


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                              Another vote to alter the format panel. Its not a bad idea, but it is much too large and should not automatically open and obscure the open PDF file