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Append to open PDF using Pahntom Printer Driver

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  • Append to open PDF using Pahntom Printer Driver

    Today we were updated to version Now I cannot append a print job to the open PDF which I could do before the update. Is it possible to do this in the new version?

    I want to open a PDF (or print a PDF to Foxit) and then continue to print to that open file. There are instructions on how to do that in the knowledge base but the option referenced there (Insert the Printed pdf into previously generated documents, except those created by Foxit PDF Editor and Editor Pro) does not exist in the new version.

    How do I append new print jobs to the previous print job or open PDF in Foxit?

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    jtrax For option "Insert the Printed pdf into previously generated documents...", please find it in Properties of Foxit PDF Editor Printer. Attached picture for reference. thanks.
    (Select Foxit PDF Editor Printer>Properties>Setting tab>If file exists> select "Insert before existing file" or "Insert after existing file">Click OK to save and run. )
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      Thank you for the response.
      Unfortunately something is still not quite correct. If I change "If File Exists" to "Insert after Existing File" then "Target Folder" is changed to "Prompt for file name" after the pop up box is closed. When you print with those settings it results in an error message:
      "####print log####
      2021- 6-10 7:56:26
      S:\Financial\Member Statements\2021\2021.06\101test.pdf
      The target file is invalid or being occupied, please close or rename the target file."

      Note that the file "101test.pdf" does not exist so the "being occupied" is curious.

      I think what is needed for this to work is for Target Folder to be "Documents/*.pdf" and If File Exists to be "Insert After Existing File".

      What I need to happen is to print to Foxit Print driver (which creates a PDF and opens it in Foxit) and then to continue to print or to scan to that open PDF file multiple times before saving. Please explain how to do this in the new version. It worked in the old version last week.


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        Hi jtrax,

        If you choose "If File Exists", the "Target Folder" option will be disabled. No matter what is selected in "If File Exists" item, it's useless. The process is:

        1 In first step, if you print to Foxit printer, please do not choose "Insert before/after Existing File" as there is no target file to attach. You may choose Prompt user. The first pdf file will be created. Let's name it 101test.pdf.

        2 Then continue to print, and you could choose "Insert before/after Existing File" and choose 101test.pdf as the target file as the screenshot attached.
        Note: If View PDF Results is enabled, the file file be opened after printing. Please remember to close the file before next printing.

        Another difference is that the printed file will be saved directly.

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          Thank you for your response! However, I seem to be still doing something wrong. Let me explain what I am doing and perhaps you can show me what I am doing wrong.

          1) I have a master PDF file that contains customer statements called "2021.06 Statements". I open that file in Adobe Reader, select the pages I need (for example pages 1-4) and print them to Foxit Printer Driver using: Target Folder = "Documents/*.pdf" and If File Exists = "Prompt User". This opens a pdf file in Foxit named "2021.06 Statements" but with only 5 pages. I now "save as" the 4 page document as 101test.pdf. Note I did not need to do the "Save As" in the previous version.

          2) I work on the statement in our accounting software and when finished post the entry and print the journal to the Foxit Printer Driver using: Target Folder = "Prompt for file name", If File Exists = "Insert After Existing File" and Target File = "Prompt User". This opens a pop up and I select 101test.pdf. This results in an error message = "The target file is invalid or being occupied, please close or rename the target file.

          What I need to happen is to:

          1) Open the master file and select the pages I want to work with
          2) Print those pages to Foxit
          3) Mark up the open file with notes and notations about what I am doing
          4) Append the posting journal from the accounting software by printing it to Foxit
          5) Scan in the posted check and append that to the open file
          6) Save As the file for each customer so that I have a complete record of the payment posting along with any notes I made

          This worked perfectly in the previous version but I cannot figure out how to make it work after the update. I am sorry I updated at this point, it is really halting our workflow.


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            jtrax ,Accoring to my testing,the newly generated PDF file would be saved into "C:\Users\[current username]\Documents" this folder automatically if you have selected "Documents/*.pdf" as Target Folder in Foxit PDF Editor Printer Properties dialog box,so you don't need to save as the newly generated PDF file after it has been generated and opened in Foxit PDF Editor.

            Concerning the error message you received, please help to make sure that the document you selected as the target is not opened in any PDF viewer before you select it. So please close the "101test.pdf" that you mentioned if it is opened and then choose to select it as a target again to see if it helps?

            For what you need to do that you mentioned,you need to close the opened PDF file after the step 3),then proceed to step 4).

            Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again


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              Thank You!
              Yes if the file is closed before printing the next report this does work. However, it is very repetitive to have to save, close and then print each time as I add multiple reports to the file. It was much easier in the old version where printings were just added to the open file in Foxit.

              Please consider adding the option to 'append' to the open file similar to the 'append' option in the scan function.


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                jtrax ,Please choose to uncheck the "view PDF results“ option in Foxit PDF Editor Printer Properties dialog box to make Foxit PDF Editor not open the newly generated PDF file,then you won't need to be manually close the file each time.
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                  Hi jtrax,

                  I've submitted a feature request to our product team about inserting pages to the target file even it is opened with request ID:PHANTOM-15740. We will take it into consideration in future update.


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                    Thank you, much appreciated. This is a feature of several other PDF editors that I find essential for our workflow. I prefer other features that Foxit has so would really like to use Foxit instead of the others.