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Unable to save documents after modification

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  • Bug Unable to save documents after modification

    We just merge to work on TS and we had to buy Foxit PDF Editor, since our licence of Foxit PDF Phantom weren't usable on a TS.

    Since then, we're unable to save changes on PDF document. I wrote to the technical support of Foxit and they just said that they were sorry and did nothing, so I'm taking a chance here.

    We are able to print the document and, after that, saving our modification. It like 50% of our files that we can't save.

    I saw that some user had this bug a while ago with Foxit PDF Phantom version 8, but the solution was a debug file.

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    CMCMD Admin
    Regarding the situation you encountered, please provide me the some more detailed description of this issue.
    1. May I have your current version details under Help-> About Foxit PhantomPDF(PDF Editor)
    2. Would you mind send me the particular file for testing? Also let me know what actions did you take to save the modified file.
    3. Was there any error when you try to save the file? What location do you need to save it to? A cloud drive or just a local device?
    4. Let me have the previous support ticket so I can have a look into this issue.


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      1. Foxit PDF Editor Pro
      2. You'll find one file in attechments
      3. There's no error when I try to save the file. I need to save the file on a local device. I do a drag & drop form my mail box to my folder.
      4. The support ticker I have is 105165. They said that the issue was reported to QA team and it's check by ID #QCPHANTOM-27706. I had no update since 09/06/2021
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        CMCMD Admin ,We apologize for the trouble, this issue you reported has already been submitted to our internal bug tracking system with report ID#QCPHANTOM-27706.
        It will be addressed in our next minor update version 11.1 of Foxit PDF Editor and we have already compiled an internal version with this issue got fixed. If you want to give the internal version a try, please check your inbox to find the link that we have just sent you.


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          Lisa_lee I'm willing to try the internal version, but I didn't receive the link in my inbox.


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            CMCMD Admin ,I have sent you the internal link in ticket#105165 again ,please check your inbox now.


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              Lisa_lee The mail was in my junk file in my mail box


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                Good.So please do have a try. If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact us.