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Deleting multiple Layers at once

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    I've used Foxit PhantomPDF Business Edition for about a year and it's been a great tool which has met my needs up until this point. Today, I ran into a situation where I can still do what I need to do but it's really inefficient and it would be great if the program could get a slight tweak to eliminate this inefficiency. Anyways, I have a PDF with 43 pages in it. Each page is a map with a variety of layers in it. I need to convert the linework of those maps into CAD format so I'm using Phantom to extract all pages into individual PDF files of each page and then deleting the extraneous layers in the PDF that I don't need and are distracting.

    Using the Page Layers panel, I can right-click on a layer I don't need and select Delete Layer. What I cannot do (and REALLY wish I could) is hold the shift key down and select multiple layers and then right-click and delete them. This is laborious enough but it's made worse by the fact that when the original 43 page PDF is extracted into 43 individual PDFs, each individual PDF still retains the layer tree for the original 43 pages (and there isn't a way to delete those). Here's a screenshot of what I have been describing:

    This little change would be such a time saver for me. Thanks for listening!


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    Thanks for your report! I already submitted a new feature request of "Support to batch delete page layers" to our Product manager team for further investigating.
    In addition, it's a known issue that the original file is extracted into individual, each individual file still retains the layer tree for the original, our team is working on that and might have new version release including this bug fix in v11.1,I will forward an update the moment I have it. Appreciate your time.