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Getting error when opening the editor second time

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  • Getting error when opening the editor second time

    Hi All,

    I am using the FoxitPDFSDKForWeb_8_0_0_Full editor and integrated in an angular application. I am also using Angular material library. I have successfully implemented the material dialog box within which the foxit editor is opened. Meaning whenever a user clicks on an icon i open a material dialog box and inside that the foxit editor is opened.

    For the first time it works great. When i close the dialog and again click on the icon it opens the material dialog but the foxit editor template is not opened. It shows a plain white screen. When i go and look in the console i see error as below:

    "Error: Duplicated Modular name: "export-form-module", it must be unique.
    at e.t.default.e.module (https://localhost:3000/main.367f5053...s:378858:95849)
    at Function.e.initOnLoad (https://localhost:3000/main.367f5053...js:378975:6880)
    at Function.e.init (https://localhost:3000/main.367f5053...:378863:292332)
    at https://localhost:3000/main.367f5053...:378927:284118

    Did anyone faced this issue? How can we resolve this error? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.
    Regarding the situation you encountered, would it be possible to submit a support ticket here so our SDK solution team could follow up with you? Appreciate it.
    Please back to me with the ticket# if you are done with the process.