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PDF-Form - transfering data from an input field to a text field in a list in the form

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  • FAQ PDF-Form - transfering data from an input field to a text field in a list in the form


    I've a problem. I've build a form in Foxit. At the top of the form, I want to type in data, and the form field should transfer the data-input into a list under the input field into the first free text-form-box under the with text filled boxes. In the "last changed"-field under the input-field, the text-form-box should display the data from the textbox in the list with the last change - like you can see it in the pdf (text-box 3 in the list under the input- and "last changed"-field).

    Can someone help me?

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    I've uploaded a screenshot to help better understand your request. So basically what you tried to do is to move both the input of the "neuer Eintrag" data and the input of "zuletzt Bearbeitet" data to the table the arrows point to? Please let us know if I understand you correctly so we could further check with our JS engineer to see what could be the best way to achieve it. Thank you.
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      | column one | column two | column three |

      | date of editing | name of the edited document | last edited part of the document (in this case, a report with weekdays) |

      row one / new entry

      in this row, I want to type in the date of editing, name of the actuall edited document and the last edited part of the actuall edited document. Then I want to press enter, or click a button, and then, this form-row should transfer the entered data in the table under row one and two under all latest edited documents, like in the screenshot into the first free/empty row of the table.

      row two / last edited

      in this row, I want to see the document, which was edited currently last. The form field should show the date, name and part of document (like in the screenshot) wich was last edited / should show the data form the last filled form field / should show the data from the row with the latest date. If there several documents with the same date (today, or other days), the form field should show the last filled row of the day it was last edited.

      Click image for larger version

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        I want to have this interactive form fields, so that I can see at first glance, what was last edited and also enter what I have just edited without having to scroll down several pages. That would be a really nice feature.

        Thanks for your help!



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          Here an updated version of the pdf-form. (Corrected form field order for TAB switching)
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            Jakob, Thanks for your response to give us the detailed requirement that you need. I have submitted your request to our QA team to ask them whether it could be achieved via Javascripts or not and get back to you to send you a Javascripts demo file if Javascripts can do that,the report ID is#PHANTOM-16172.


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              Thanks Lisa_lee!

              Have a nice day, and early end of work! With kindly regards,



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                Hi Forum,
                hello dear Foxit Support-Service,

                is there already a solution for my request?



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                  Jakob,I am sorry that we didn't receive the demo file yet. I have just reminded our QA team again about this request and will give you progress once I get a response from the QA team.


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