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Automatically adding values to a drop down box

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  • Automatically adding values to a drop down box

    I want to add a drop down to a contract. I have some of the addresses needed and they are in the list. We only work with so many addresses. What I would like to do is have the addresses automatically added to the list if they aren't already in the list. So I tab to the address field and this address is not available in the list, I have Allow User to enter custom text checked, so the user types in 123 Anywhere Street because it isnt in the list. Is there a way to automatically add 123 Anywhere street to the item list? Eventually all of the addresses that we deal with would be added. I'm thinking that it has to be a VBA. The combo box is named address1. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Here is the script:

    var oField1 = this.getField("address1");
    var vField2 = this.getField("textFilledByUser").value;
    oField1.insertItemAt(vField2, vField2, 0);
    Last parameter: If 0 (the default), the new item is inserted at the top of the list. If –1, the new item is inserted at the end of the list.

    Since I still cannot add an attachment in this forum here is a link to a sample file:


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      JRB, Thanks so much for providing the great JS demo. In addition,we will ask our forum administrator to filtered your account into the group which will be allowed to add attachments on forum.


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        Thank you Lisa