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  • crash full index index catalog crashes

    ok it crashes because of the great number of files or some of the files are problematic
    but on a fewer number of files ~700 (sorry to call this few!) it works great

    to include more files i thought of some solutions but not sure if they are possible
    1. incremental indexing of folders:
    to do a full index of folders containing the good files, after this is done i add the folder with problematic files. i'm afraid it will delete the initial full index

    2. some way to skip problematic files or at least identify them to fix them or skip them

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    can i use the command line to individually embed index or do the full index?


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      Is it possible to help provide the following info for further investigation and better advise态
      1) Version number of your Foxit PDF Editor;
      2) Could you please be more specific on "problematic"? How did you determine the file is problematic? Is it possible to upload one problematic file here for us perform further testing on our side?
      3) Could you please use your phone to record how you introduce the problem on your side so we could test per your instructions?
      4) Your OS info. (E.g. Win 10, 64-bit)

      If it is inconvenient to upload the file and video here, you could submit a ticket here and add Attn Cherry to the subject:
      Thank you.