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PDF Form - Javascript to show fields, but using spacebar to check box isn't working

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  • lyndi_wu

    Thank you for your ticket. Lisa will follow up your case via the ticket, to track the processing status, please just reply the ticket. Thanks.

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  • jg3000
    Lisa_lee Thank you - I submitted a ticket. The auto-response indicated that replies are delayed. Any idea how long it's taking for tickets to get picked up? My ticket number is 144465. Thank you for your assistance!

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  • Lisa_lee
    jg3000 ,We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. Regarding this issue you mentioned,it is better if you could provide with us the PDF form file in question for us directly,so that we will forward it to our QA team members who are familiar with Javascripts for further investigation.
    If it is not convenient to upload PDF file sample on forum,please help to create a ticket on ticket submission center for submitting the form file to us,please help to indicate this thread link and my name (Lisa) when you submit the ticket.

    Look forward to your reply.

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  • PDF Form - Javascript to show fields, but using spacebar to check box isn't working


    I've created a PDF form where if a user clicks a checkbox, fields will display. Mouse click and keyboard spacebar work fine in Adobe Reader. In Foxit, mouse click works, meaning when the box is checked using the mouse, the hidden fields display. If I uncheck using the mouse, the fields are hidden again. When I try to use the keyboard spacebar to check the box, it hides the fields when checked, and unhides when checkbox is unchecked. I don't understand why this is happening in Foxit, when it is fine in Adobe.

    Here's a snippet of the javascript that I'm using:

    // Determine if Check box is marked then use value to show or hide Shipping Address Fields
    var nHide = ay.hidden;

    // Get each field in the shipping address info and set to show/hide value
    this.getField("Division Bill").display = nHide;
    this.getField("Division Bill Field").display = nHide;
    this.getField("Division Bill Field2").display = nHide;

    My trigger is set to Mouse Up

    Thank you!