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Using Proofreaders' Marks in PDF

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  • Using Proofreaders' Marks in PDF

    Proofreaders have a series of marks, around 50 to so, that they use to write on paper documents to correct whatever mistakes need to be corrected. I've recently read that the marks have been converted into what they call stamps to allow people to write on PDFs online, instead of printing the doc. Another PDF company uses this. Do you have anything similar that I can install on Foxit?

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    Currently Foxit PDF Reader/Editor doesn't have a set of the mentioned proofreading marks. All the text markups could be located under "Comment"->"Text Markup" in Foxit PDF Reader/Editor. I've forwrded your request as suggestion to our Product Team for processing. Internal Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-16372.

    Thank you.


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      ucantioli Quick update about your feature request from our Product Team: Stamps are simply implemented as PDF files. If you could get all the marks you want to use as separate PDF files, you could use them as stamps within Foxit PDF Reader/Editor. Please let us know your thought. Thank you.