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Foxit PDF Editor Pro: "clear signature" grayed out

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  • JustaFoxitUser
    Actually, your suggestion to verify signatures solved the problem. I was able to clear the signature and re-sign it. Thank you!

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  • cherry

    Normally the signature could be cleared after been verified. Could you please make a screenshot of the digital signature pane?
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  • Foxit PDF Editor Pro: "clear signature" grayed out

    I am using Foxit PDF Editor Pro 11.0. I have a PDF with fill-able areas. Both me and my boss have to sign. I've been requested to correct some errors on the form. I want to re-sign, then have my boss re-sign. The only way that I know of to do this (and I'm not sure if it works) is for me to make the corrections, clear my signature, and re-sign. If I right-click on the signature, "clear signature" is grayed out. An internet search indicates that I can also clear the signature using "Edit Object", but that's grayed out, too. I now have to copy the entire PDF form onto a new form. What a terrible waste of time. In my attempts to clear the old signature, what am I doing wrong?