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Keyboard shortcut & Text editing problems

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  • Keyboard shortcut & Text editing problems

    Hi everyone
    I am having some problems for more than a year the following I finally have decided to try to solve them. Hope I am in the right place.

    1. I know how to add a shortcut for a specific command. However, I cannot find anywhere under these tabs the one that is responsible for the BOLD or UNDERLINE functions so I can't assign them a shortcut.

    2. There is some annoying shortening of the text (when using the "Typewrite function" under the tab "comment"). I write my desired text and align it with spaces and enters as I wish. As soon as I try to drag to text or move it with my arrow keypads all the enters are deleted and text becomes unorganized and shortens (I added a picture to try to make this problem clearer).

    This is the "before" picture. Before I try to drag the box anywhere. Just as I finish writing what and how I want.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
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    This is the after picture. Right after I drag or use the arrow keys to move it a bit.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.png
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ID:	186688
    3. When I click on a text box in order to edit it (a text box that can only by edited using the text "edit object" or "edit text" under edit tab), so once clicking to enter the editing mode there is some abnormal duplication of the letters "i" and "t" only if found in this order all over the text box. For example, every place that has the letters "it" becomes "itititititititit". So I need first to start off by deleting all these replications before I can start editing what I want. It happens mostly on only 2 documents that I have which was not present before. No idea why.

    Thanks for the helpers!

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    Hi idodo,

    Thanks for the post. Currently Foxit PDF Editor does not support shortcuts for Bold, Italic and Underline when select text. This feature has been submitted to our product team for evaluation with feature ID:PHANTOM-15349.

    The second issue has been fixed in version 11.2. Could you download the update via below link to have a try?

    The third issue should be file--related. Could you send us the two document for testing and investigating? If you do not want to upload the file here, please submit a ticket via


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      Hi there Doris!
      Thank you for your reply.

      1. Regarding the first one, I forgot to mention that I use phantomFOXIT. Is that feature not available on that version as well?
      2. Is it possible to update without download and reinstalling? some manual option through the program itself?
      3. Ok I will submit the documents in a new ticket support. Should I provide there reference link to this forum post?


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        Junior Member

        For your questions:
        1) The feature for "shortcuts for Bold, Italic and Underline when select text" is not supported in current version of Foxit PDF Editor (PhantomPDF).
        Since version 11.0, Foxit PhantomPDF Standard has been renamed as Foxit PDF Editor; Foxit PhantomPDF Business has been renamed as Foxit PDF Editor Pro. You may refer to this article for more info about the renaming:
        2) Yes, you may open your Foxit PhantomPDF then go to Help->Check for Updates to see if you could upgrade to version 11.x. If not, please download the setup package from the link that Doris provided to install;
        3) Yes, it would be great if you could include the link to the forum post.

        Thank you.