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Can't add alt text because PDF Editor confused about what is and isn't an image

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  • Can't add alt text because PDF Editor confused about what is and isn't an image

    I am using PDF Editor for the first time.

    I have a document that I created in Affinity Publisher that I want to add alt text to. The document is an instruction manual created for a technical writing course.

    Unfortunately, PDF Editor can't seem to work out what is an image and what is not.

    For instance, the top of the first page is a logo that is readable as a word. If I click on any of the letters, it seems that PDF Editor sees it as an image in its own right. But PDF Editor can't see any of them as images. Therefore I can't put the name spelled out by the logo as alt text. Ideally I would want the logo to be treated as a single image to which I could add alt text.

    Below it are two lines of text. The screen reader reads these as text. However, PDF Editor thinks that these two lines of text are an image that can take alt text. This is not in itself a problem, but it shows even more how confused PDF Editor is about what is and isn't an image.

    I have a number of other images that are in fact multiple images, mainly photos with coloured lines and text pointing to details of the photos. For most of these, PDF Editor sees one or two of these lines as images that can take alt text, but it doesn't see the photos themselves as images. This is a problem because the photos would be the obvious things to attach the alt text to.

    How can I sort out this mess and put alt text where it needs to be?

    I have managed to get round most of the problems by going back into Affinity Publisher, grouping all the layers that make up a single image, and flattening them to a bitmap. Foxit PDF Editor can handle these much more easily.

    However, I am still getting some erratic behaviour. Some page numbers are tagged as text to be read. That is easily fixed by recategorising them as artefacts. What is more problematic is that one heading doesn't get tagged, even though, in Affinity Publisher, it has the same style etc. as other headings. I can find no way to make it so that that heading gets read by the screen reader. I'm going to make a separate post about this, since it is not the problem I originally posted about.
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    Regarding the situation you encountered, may I have your Foxit program version details under Help->About Foxit PDF Editor first?
    Also, how did you generate a file from Affinity Publisher? Could you please send us the particular file for internal testing?