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Changes Don't Save on First Page of Edited Doc

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  • Bug Changes Don't Save on First Page of Edited Doc


    We have a user that performs document reviews with Foxit. The document has a list of items, and our user will go through and insert checkmarks on the ends of the lines and then add a stamp saying it's approved.

    Every so often, when the user saves the changes and edits to the PDF, when it is reopened, any changes made on the first page are gone, but changes on any page afterwards still show up. Is there any known issue or experiences with changes not saving on part of an edited PDF, or anything to try or verify for this issue?


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    Thank you for reporting it, we haven't heard that before. Would you mind creating a ticket Create ticket from to submit one pdf file you mentioned so we can do further investigation? We promise the file you send us is only for internal use, thank you.