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Ordering the tabs are glitchy still

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  • Ordering the tabs are glitchy still

    I generally open many pdfs at a time. But every time I try to order them manually, things get scrambled randomly and tabs get scattered in different places. It is really annoying. Also when I open foxit reader, it doesn't open the tabs(Previously opened and saved) in the order I kept them before closing the application. It should be fixed

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    Rafid25 Thanks for your feedback. May I know much detailed information for checking? thanks in advance.
    1. What's OS of your PC?
    2. What's version of Foxit PDF Reader installed? v11.2.1?
    3. For ordering the tab, is it possible to make screenshot picture or video to show the issue? then I can make tests as your steps to see result.
    4. To open previously opened pdf, can you please check option "Restore last session when application starts" of History from Preference?

    If there are any privacy information refered, please submit a ticket to us via site:


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      1.Mine is windows 10 home.
      2.Latest version of the foxit reader is installed.(Version:
      3. I have included a video link regarding the tab ordering issue : (
      Basically when I try to grab a tab and move it just left or right, it brings the tab to the very beginning section where initial tabs are visible.
      4.I know about 'Restore last session...' thing. It is just that it restores all the tabs when opened but some of the tab's order get's changed (Disregarding the way it was when I last closed the application)


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        There are too many file tabs on your video so it's a bit hard to reproduce the issue, but I still forward the bug to our QA/Dev team as report id#QCPHANTOM-29397, and for the second restore session bug, it's known one, so I add you into the previous tracking list of id#QCPHANTOM-28961, will forward any update the moment I have it.


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          The bug you reported was fixed in the next major update v12, please pay attention to the update next month.