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  • OCR Limitation

    Can anyone advise on OCR limitations on number of files that can be processed?
    I am making searchable OCR on the tiffs I converted to pdfs. I directed the pdf process into 3 folders.
    But now I goto OCR the pdf’s and when I add a folder it hangs the program. Thru trial & error I find the program can only handle 599 files at a time – WHY?
    So now I have to keep notes of the 599 that had been processed then go & select the next 599 files to process – this is going to take me a week to finish it, then I need to combine them into years then reduce the combined – so a month of work…
    Look forward to your response

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    RabC There is not OCR limits on the numbers of document.
    In order to locate the issue, can you please confirm the following information? thanks in advance.
    1. Is it possible to provide some documents which did not perform OCR? Such as the result documents and corresponding original documents which did not perform OCR.
    2. Can you please provide the OCR log for checking? Location, C: \ Users \ foxit \ AppData \ Local \ Foxit PDF Editor.
    3. Can you please make screenshot picture to show detailed settings?

    Since above refers to privacy information, please visit below site to submit a ticket to us, thanks.


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      Thanks for responding. The issue is not down to any specific document - all can be OCR'd. It is the batch process that is at issue. I select Multiple Files (Run OCR) and add 842 files into it, select destination folder, then start - it processes, when its finished sort of hangs a little (to tidy up I assume) and is then ready to start again. But when I check the Output folder - there has only been 599 files processed !!! I have now adjusted Foxit Priority to HIGH in Task Manager but doesn't seem to make any difference.
      I don't know what 'detailed settings' you are looking for as I haven't changed anything from the default settings in the Editor Pro installation.
      The OCR_Exception.log is dated 18feb2022, so nothing significant has happened to be recorded, as I thought...
      I await your response


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        RabC Thanks for the information. I have to report the issue to QA team for checking, can you please provide below info as reference? thanks in advance.
        1. What's OS of your PC?
        2. What's the status of CPU when Foxit running multiple OCR? please make screenshot picture to show it.
        3. Is it possible to send pdf files which did not OCR successful?
        4. What's version of Foxit PDF Editor installed? please go to Help menu and click "About Foxit PDF Editor" to check detailed.
        5. Can you please provide order information for checking?

        If above refers to privacy information, please visit below site to submit a ticket to us, thanks.


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          Further Information:
          Foxit appears to hang when large number of files are being ADDED for processing
          Does not help = A Suggestion - increase programs "priority" in Task Manager to allocate more memory for its running.
          WORK AROUND = Seems there is a limitation of the OCR Function when you have to ADD files/folders for processing.
          = tried adding over 600 files and truncates to around 560 files appearing to have been added
          Solution = Added 560 files successfully then added another 550 files successfully then another 500 files again successfully > making 1610 then started OCRing...
          PROBLEM = On completion of OCRing the program hangs apparently tidying up but cannot be used for quite a long time with an hour glass pointer displayed
          - a pop-up box prompts to either 'Close the Program' or 'Wait for the program to respond' in reality have to close the program to continue processing...


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            Here are details asked for:
            win10 home 8gb ram // Task Mgr reports Foxit using around 50% // Version: // Order Number - OL22030211032 //
            You are not understanding - my Further Information attempts to explain better the issue.
            The problem is NOT with specific pdf files - it is in the batch processing limitation that EDITOR PRO has when
            1. adding files into table for processing
            2. when completed the program hangs
            Re 1. - when I choose OCR and then add 600 files - ONLY 576 are added into the table
            I have then tried to add further files which has been successful for about 500 more
            Then when I try to add more it sortof worked but when trying it again has now crashed.- will copy crash report at the end
            Re 2. - when I OCR say 576 files, runs well but when completed (dialog box pops up saying completed) and I click on OK the program then hangs (hourglass displayed) and get notice in Task Manager that program is unresponsive.
            I am now very disappointed with this program as I had bought it in good faith. There was no mention of ANY limitation on how many Multiple Files I could add.
            Please respond quicker then you have as I am desperate to get 60k files processed in whatever manner possible but doing it at 500 files at a time is a joke.

            I cannot post the FULL CrashLog here as it says too many characters

            =========== [Start of CRASHLOG.TXT] =========
            Edition: Business
            CRASHLOG caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
            in module FoxitPDFEditor.exe at 0023:045b512c.

            Error occurred at 3/1/2022 08:48:52.
            C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Editor\FoxitPDFEditor.exe, run by RabC.
            Phantom Version :
            Operating system: Windows 10 (10.0.19042).
            4 processor(s), type 586.
            46% memory in use.
            0 MBytes physical memory.
            0 MBytes physical memory free.
            0 MBytes paging file.
            0 MBytes paging file free.
            0 MBytes user address space.
            3402 MBytes user address space free.
            Read from location 00000074 caused an access violation.

            EDI: 0x1be06978 ESI: 0x00a671d0 EAX: 0x00000005
            EBX: 0x0000ea00 ECX: 0x00000000 EDX: 0x084ba000
            EIP: 0x045b512c EBP: 0x083a8bcc SegCs: 0x00000023
            EFlags: 0x00010206 ESP: 0x083a8bc8 SegSs: 0x0000002b


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              RabC , Thanks for your response. Though our Dev team don't set OCR limitations on the number of files that can be processed, but if you load too many documents at the same, you may exceed your computer's memory capacity, which will slow down the processing speed or cause the application to crash. A good practice is to reduce the number of PDF files added by 1/5 if you notice performance is slowing down.Would you please try to add fewer PDF documents to see if it will help?