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Pdf elements disappearing

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  • Pdf elements disappearing

    We are using Foxit PDF Editor Pro, Version

    We created a base PDF from a TIF file which then has green highlighting, blue boxes and signatures added, and has been flattened.

    We then took a copy of this base file, added a stamp, and flattened and zipped the file, and all elements remained intact.

    We then took a copy of the same base file again, added a different stamp and flattened and zipped the file. This time, however, a large amount of the green highlighting which was on the base file has disappeared on this file and we cannot determine how these elements have been lost. Have they been deleted, or just hidden? We have been unable to replicate this issue.

    This incident was captured during a quality check and rectified, but we need to understand what has happened to these elements for us to have confidence moving forwards.

    We hope you can help and emailed the files in question to [email protected] on Friday 25th February 2022 at 13:50 GMT, but to date have not had a response.

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    LMJ I'm very sorry for the trouble. Foxit ticket system has been upgraded and we encourage users to submit a ticket to us when there is any question of Foxit. Ticket site:
    For the elements disappearing issue, may I know where did the base file store at? is network drive? And, can you please send it to us for testing? thanks in advance.