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Combine, save dialog & Print DIalog

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  • problemchild
    And another one.... The Foxit outlook PDF Previewer (That's the plug-in that allows the preview of PDF files in Out look preview pane) is missing the zoom function via CTRL+Mouse Middle Button, would be nice to get this function working.

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  • problemchild
    started a topic Feature Combine, save dialog & Print DIalog

    Combine, save dialog & Print DIalog

    1. In some cases when combining files from folders there is no need to to save the file as this is is only done temporary for review or printing purposes. When combining files after confinrming the documents order in the combine/convert dialog the new created file should just open in the program, when closing the document the program can poop up the "do you want to save this document dialog?". This would be a time saver for the type of work we do.

    2. The save Document Dialog really needs an update to open in the new format that shows the folder links on the left side as if opening a standard windows explorer when saving vs. the limited and small save window which requires a long process of going through my computer>>> Hard Drive>>> Folder>>>> Folder>>>>>Folder>>>>>Folder etc....

    3. The print dialog does not recognize printers with duplex features and therefore requires a user to open the printer properties and selecting duplex printing from there. Could save a lot of time if duplex was recognized when selecting a printer and to simply being able to select it from the print dialog.