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  • Dynamic Stamp - Trial Exhibits

    Can the Dynamic Stamps offered here be installed on FoxIt?


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    NinoAlva ,Thanks for reaching out to Foxit Support.Our Foxit PDF Editor also supports the dynamic stamps which contained Javascripts. To install the exhibit stamps into Foxit PDF Editor, you just need to place the stamp PDF file into the following folder which is used for stamps for Foxit PDF Editor:
    C:\Users\[current username]\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Editor\Stamps\UserStamps
    then please launch your Foxit PDF Editor,you will find that those newly installed stamps are under the "Comment"tab>"Stamp".

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.

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      Dearest Lisa:

      Thanks for Super Prompt Reply.

      YES it works.

      Seems I was stripping each stamp to an individual PDF file which was not registering. What I did now is , I saved the ENTIRE PDF -Cover Page Instructions along with the PDF Form Pages- file to the stamp directory and now they show up as a "Category" within my stamps.

      Thank You Very Much.


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        NinoAlva ,I am glad I could help. In addition, when you want to move stamps from one device to another device,please refer to the following instructions mentioned in this article.


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          Oh Yes, Lisa. I had studied the referenced document before. Just than in my own ignorance I misinterpreted that One Stamp = One PDF Sheet/File. Secret is NOT to break the sheets into individual PDF files.

          Super Thanks again.

          I am perfectly incapable of placing an Image BEHIND the Form-Field. Have explored sending the graphic to the page as a Watermark but trouble is, the next page has a different background image.

          File attached.

          Any ideas will be appreciated.


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            NinoAlva ,Thanks for your response. In the document" DoorsWindows STAMP.pdf",I noticed that the "image" you have added is an image annotation rather than the real image object in the PDF file. You have used the "edit image annotation" to add image annotation, please now choose to use the "Edit >Add Images>From file" or "Edit>Add Shapes>Add shading" to insert an image or shading object into the file's content layer,then the image/shading object will not hide the form field contents by default.

            Any further questions or concerns,plaese contact us again at any time.

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