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where would I register a complaint with Foxit

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  • Feedback where would I register a complaint with Foxit

    I don't like to complain but I think communicating my frustration could possibly help. Mainly, for support issues (I've had two since January when I started using Foxit) going through the support ticket route, I have to go through a lot of needless back and forth with a lot of extraneous questions when the answer, both times, turned out to be simple and clearly stated in my beginning request.

    On the first occurrence, I thought it was the agent but after a very similar second occurrence, I believe there is a policy that causes the support agents to behave this way.

    Can anyone suggest a better way to go about this? It takes weeks to answer what has turned out to answer one or two very simple questions. I hate to say but it's absurd.

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    Steve Horn
    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. May I have the ticket number for your cases with the bad experience? Then we can better advice.
    You can find the ticket number from the email/ticket subject. Thank you in advance.


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      To me this appears to be systematic, not incident related. For instance, I am a person, a customer and I would expect that I'd have some history in your system of the software I purchased (one app in my case), the number of tickets I have created (two in my case). So you ask for a specific incident but I mentioned in the beginning the "extraneous questions" for both tickets. This information was in front of you yet you ask again. In both tickets, I believe I had to state the app I use which is only one... shouldn't you know that?

      What I'm saying is that I have to go through a lot of needless work, over and over.

      For instance, I added a remark and closed a ticket. Then the agent added another remark saying "If there's anything else I can do to help, please let us know". This opened the ticket back up and I get email notices that Foxit is waiting for a response. I have to log in to see what I need to respond to. I don't need to respond but still have to go to your site, find where support is, log in, find my tickets, figure out which order the threads are listed in, and find the polite goodbye message that I didn't need to go through all that to see AND THEN I have to close the ticket again . This is the extraneous and systematic issue I'm reporting.


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        Steve Horn

        Thanks for that. You may also submit a ticket on and describe to forward details of your feedback to related team or colleague for check ,then our colleague will do the transfer.FYI


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          Thanks, Joe and that's where I'm finding what I'm describing. Everyone at Foxit is polite and well-intentioned. But quoting from above, "For instance, I added a remark and closed a ticket..", is referring to Foxit's ticket system. I reach out hear as an alternative to hear from others.


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            @Steve Horn Sorry for the inconvenience and bad experience we caused. The system asks customers to log in so it is easier for our agents to help customers find the order and other information, but we didn't think that is a kind of trouble for our customers. I will report this issue to our manager and we will optimize our ticket system. Thank you so much for your advice!