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Clear signature options works sometimes

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  • Clear signature options works sometimes


    I signed several documents the past couple months. Documents that I signed several weeks ago, I am unable to clear signature, but document I signed recently, it is allowing me to clear signature. I am wondering why is it allowing me to clear signature when I added a security policy? I am worried anyone can clear the signature.

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    What kind of signature did you add to documents? Did you use the Fill&Sign or the Place digital signature to add the signature? Which version of Foxit PDF Editor are you using?
    Is it possible to provide us a sample document for taking a closer look at the document?
    You may access this web page: then submit a ticket there to upload the document and send it to support agent for further advise. Thank you.


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      I signed by clicking inside a placed signature field using the "sign document" signature


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        With this sign document feature, you will apply a secure digital signature to the file, and only the digital signature creator is able to remove the signature unless you give out the private key of the digital signature. Also, you can follow the link from Cherry to submit us the issue file or any other document related, so we can take a look.


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          Roy_Chen Thanks for the info - it makes sense. I'm still a bit curious as how come "older" documents I signed, the "clear signature" option isn't available. Is there some sort of time expiration the on the back end, around ~ 1 month where the creator can no longer clear the signature?


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            The 'clear signature' option is only available when you have the private key, others don't have your private key, they just validate it by public key, so please don't worry that others can remove the signature.
            For the documents you mentioned that the 'clear signature' option is not available, we suspect that you don't have the private key or the private key is removed, would you mind having a double check? Thanks.