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    My current project has a rather large number of calculations that have to be performed in a certain order. Each time I alter a calculation it places it at the bottom of the stack. At that time I have to move it back to where it belongs, one click at a time, for each one that I happened to edit before I work on before clicking over to Calculation order. So, here is my question: Is there really no way to select more than one field at a time to move? I have tried all of the standards (shift, alt+shift, etc) If the answer is no, could I get this put down somewhere as a feature request? Or at least could someone send me an extra digit - my thumb is going to wear clean off at this rate. :/

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    We could also click on "Manage Form Fields" button at the left border of the UI to open Fields pane, then drag the fields to adjust tab order. Would this way of adjusting the tab order be helpful in this? See the screenshot:

    Click image for larger version

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      Doesn't look like it. I believe that is just tab order as the two listings "Manage Form Fields" and "Calculation Order" have no two fields in the same order. Though it did let me know that I have 700 text boxes. Zoiks!


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        Is it possible to provide us the PDF document in question and use your phone to record the process how you reproduced the problem and send to us so we could further investigate and better advise? Would you please access this web page: then click "Submit a ticket" and provide us the info at your convenience? Thank you.