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How to collaborate with clients with online forms

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  • How to collaborate with clients with online forms

    Currently I have a long pdf with many text and checkbox form fields. I need my clients to fill the document out as best they can, then save it, then I go in and review and suggest changes before I send it back to them to sign it. I used to email them a pdf as an attachment, but sometimes they have issues with the fields for whatever reason (usually people on Macs?), or they can't save their work (I'm sure it's user-error mostly). So now I create the form in Foxit, save the file, then upload it to another program called PDFfilller where I can send them a link to an online form that contains my document. They can work on entering their info, then hit save and then I can review their work. Once it's done, I download the finished document and then send to them to sign.

    I looked at Foxit esign, but my existing form fields didn't survive to the end-user (I wonder if I have to create a whole new template within Foxit esign and re-apply all those form fields?), and it doesn't look like there is a "save" feature, only a "complete" option.

    Does anyone else know of another solution within Foxit to accomplish this.

    Key points are that I'd like it to be online, not a pdf attachment, and this is to clients, not co-workers, and I need them to have the ability to save their work so I can review before it's "done."

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    bsharp, According to your request,we suggest try out the "Online Form " feature in our another product which is called Foxit Esign to see if it will meet your requirements? For details about how to use the online form (also alled web form)feature,please refer to the following article:
    You could access Foxit Esign from the following page directy:
    or you may also access it by clicking on the "Foxit Esign" tab within Foxit PDF Editor.
    It must be mentioned that Foxit eSign is an individual fee-based product that is separate from the Foxit PDF Editor application,it requires independent licensing to activate it.

    For any further queries about Foxit eSign product,we recommend you contact with our Foxit eSign support team directly by submitting a ticket from our ticket submission center or call +49 30 21783691,then you will get more instant responses.

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