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OCRed Word documents are always blank

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  • Bug OCRed Word documents are always blank

    Good morning,

    Recently whenever I try to convert PDFs to Word, it always ends up blank. It happens with both readable and OCRd PDFs too, it converts the PDF to Word with the amount of pages the PDF has, but all pages are blank. I can copy out of the PDF so it is readable. Is there a solution for this?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Gergo,

    Sorry for the trouble. To debug the issue, could you confirm below information?
    1 Version number of Foxit PDF Editor you are using. You can find the info. under Help > About Foxit PDF Editor.
    2 Version of your MS Office Word and operating system.
    3 A screenshot to show the Settings as the one attached. You can try to export a file then click Settings in Save as dialog box.
    4 Please provide a sample file for testing. If you do not want to upload your file to the forum, please submit a ticket via

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