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Foxit PDF Editor crashes when viewing large file

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  • crash Foxit PDF Editor crashes when viewing large file

    I was sent a file to review that is over 400MB. Every time I open it, it is like the software has to draw each page as I click on it. The more detailed it is, the longer it takes. After a few moments, the software just crashes. I am trying to extract pages into smaller clusters, but I can never get far enough without it crashing. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

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    wwhatley Sorry for the trouble. Could you please reinstall Foxit and see result? If issue persists, can you please provide detailed information to us for checking? Thanks in advance.
    1. OS info.
    2. Example PDF file.
    3. Crash log files. (default path:C:\Users\CurrentUserName\AppData\Local\Foxit PDF Editor)
    Since above refers to privacy information, can you please submit a ticket to us and enclose them?