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  • Lisa_lee
    Mr Rig, Thanks for reaching out to us. Currently, there is still not any way to change the default selection for page range in the extract pages dialog box, and also cannot directly perform the extract pages operation by pressing Enter key after having chosen pages.
    Regarding the situations that happened to the extract pages dialog box, I have submitted your suggestion for improving the Extracting Pages dialog box as a new feature to our product management team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-17439,so that it may be considered in future versions.

    Any further questions or concerns,please contact us again at any time.

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  • Mr Rig
    started a topic Extracting Pages

    Extracting Pages

    Not a major issue, just more of tweaking request..

    My Request:
    When using the Extract pages function, upon the pop-up window opening, is it possible to have the default selection be in select pages box to quickly enter the page #(s) needed and then be able to press enter to extract those page(s)?

    My reasoning:
    Often times I must extract pages from the pdf file I currently have open.
    Say I have a 10 page pdf file open and I need to extra 1 or multiple pages.
    I click on the top tab for "Organize" then select "Extract"
    The window pops up and the default is set to extract All Pages. I don't understand why this would be by default? If I already have the pdf file open then I already have all the pages, why would I need to extract all the pages?
    So I have to press the DOWN Arrow key to go down 1 selection to choose the "Pages" radio button/selection.
    Now if I only want to extract 1 page and it is the page I am currently viewing, then I just press enter and I get that specific page. That works great.
    But if I need to extra pages ie pages 4 to 6 or if I am viewing page 7 and want to extract page 3, I then have to press TAB or RIGHT Arrow to get into the choose pages box. After entering in my required page number(s), if I hit enter nothing happens. I have to then press TAB again to get out of the page selection box and then press enter to extract the page(s) I want.