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Can't edit pdf text anymore

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  • richell_huang
    Sorry for the trouble this may cause you.Would you mind sending us the file sample you failed to edit to [email protected] so our support team could process it timely?And please also describe your whole operation steps as detailed as you can so we could better reproduce it and figure it out, thank you.

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  • Chiefsnake
    started a topic Bug Can't edit pdf text anymore

    Can't edit pdf text anymore

    Altho this feature formerly worked for me in Foxit Standard, it no longer does. Now when I choose edit text, it allows me to select the text I want to edit, but then as soon as I click in the box to do editing, every the "e" in the whole line, even sections I'm not editing, turns into an "l". These cannot be edited out, so I've given up on this program in spite of this being the principle reason I bought it in the first place. This has happened on the very same files I was once able to edit. I never used the free trial version, I've used the paid-for standard edition from the beginning, about two months ago.