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Foxit Launches PhantomPDF 5.1 in German and French

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  • Feature Foxit Launches PhantomPDF 5.1 in German and French

    Extends PDF Conversion, Creation, and Bates Number Support

    FREMONT, Calif. - April 12, 2012 - Foxit Corporation, a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents, today announced that PhantomPDF 5.1 is now available in the German and French languages. Foxit PhantomPDF 5.1, the latest release of business-ready PDF software, comes in three different editions to meet the diverse needs of our users - PhantomPDF Express, Standard, and Business. PhantomPDF 5.1 provides more PDF creation and customization options, converts to additional file formats, and supports Bates Numbers.

    New capabilities provided in PhantomPDF 5.1 include:

    PDF Conversion
    In addition to supporting PDF to Microsoft Word conversion, PhantomPDF 5.1 adds conversion of PDF to the entire Microsoft Office suite of applications, Rich Text Format (RTF), and Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) formats.

    Bates Number Support
    Used in many vertical markets such as the legal and medical industries, Bates Numbers are identification numbers used on images and documents as they are scanned or processed for identification and protection purposes.

    PDF Creation and Customization Enhancements
    Allows users to easily customize PDF documents to create a consistent look and feel.

    Create new PDF files from text and images saved in the clipboard.
    Ability to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) multiple PDFs at once.
    Integrate existing table of contents (TOC) and bookmarks when merging multiple PDF files in a single PDF.
    Group a set of pre-configured document options (which might include background, watermark, header, footer, etc.) and allow users to easily apply the pre-set configurations to any document.
    After adding an image, PhantomPDF adds a "Duplicate" menu in the right click menu, which enables the user to add the current image on the same location on every page.
    File size optimization reduces the size of PDF documents, making them easier to store and distribute.

    Additional Redaction Support

    Allows users to search and redact in one easy step for fast and easy mass redaction and to mark entire pages for redaction.

    Listen to PDF Documents with Read Out Loud
    Read Out Loud uses the available voices installed on your system. If you have Speech Application Programming Interface 5 (SAPI 5) installed for text-to-speech, you can choose to have PhantomPDF read your PDF documents to you. In addition to normal text content, Read Out Loud can also read comments, image descriptions, and fillable fields.

    "Foxit provides high quality for low price. Customers who tested PhantomPDF are really satisfied and convinced that Foxit solves their needs in a perfect way," said Joaquim Moreira dos Santos, CEO of German distributor SOS Software Service GmbH ( "As a Foxit distributor, we are excited to support resellers with Foxit software."

    "PhantomPDF provides a single, compelling, and cost effective product for customers to standardize on a single PDF solution, providing a decisive advantage." said Thierry Goigoux, CEO of French distributor GD2i (

    For more information, contact Foxit at or at 1-866-MYFOXIT.

    About Foxit Corporation

    Foxit is a registered trademark of Foxit Corporation. Other trademarked names or terms used in this document are the properties of their respective owners.

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    are there any different features in the german/french version (except language)?


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      that's also my question,anybody can help???
      Originally posted by FITEC View Post
      are there any different features in the german/french version (except language)?


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        No, they are the same.


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          Originally posted by richell_huang View Post
          No, they are the same.
          Thanks Richell