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Foxit PDF converter output doesn't exactly match Word source

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  • Bug Foxit PDF converter output doesn't exactly match Word source

    I'm evaluating Foxit PhantomPDF as an alternative to Acrobat. Using a large (>350 pages) Word file as an example, I generated PDF using both Adobe and Foxit options from within Word. I was puzzled to see that the Foxit pdf was a few pages larger than the Acrobat pdf. Taking a closer look, I can see that very occasionally Foxit will wrap a line before Acrobat; whereas the Acrobat pdf is a duplicate of the original Word document, the Foxit version differs from it here and there. The crucial thing is that on a particularly full page, this can lead the Foxit version to break over a page where the original Word (and the Acrobat pdf) does not, thereby introducing spurious blank pages.

    What is the reason for this? Can it be fixed? I'd really like to go on using Foxit - for one thing it tends to generate much smaller files than Acrobat - but I don't want to have to repaginate my Word document to cope with Foxit's inability to produce line by line duplication of the original.