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  • Feature Removing yellow infobar

    When opening some (most) pdfs, I get a yellow infobar stating "The current file is compliant with PDF/A ..." nice to know. However annoying. Where can I disable this information? It even shows in full screen.

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    Having this said, klicking all the time is not fun, it should be disabled by default.


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      Hi azenes-mme,

      Please open Foxit PhantomPDF->go under "File"->"Preferences"->"Forms"->tick "Always hide document message bar" to see if this setting helps. Thank you.


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        Hi - I tried the suggested fix, restarted Foxit viewer and still had the same yellow infobar stating "The current file is compliant with PDF/A ..." .

        I did make it go away by changing "File"->"Preferences"->"Documents"->"View documents in PDF/A mode" to "never" instead of the original setting "only for PDF/A documents".

        version .


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          Thank you for sharing this.


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            This is an old thread. But foxit people, feature request: surely the best UI fix would be to have an x or close button on this UI element right? Was trying to help... but the more I use foxit and even this website the more problems I see. This very webpage has a menu bar with repeated items. Is this company understaffed and trying to do too much?


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              We could always click on the X button at the top right-corner of the web browser or click on the X button at the tab to close the web page. So I'm afraid that I don't quite understand why you'd like to add an extra close button. Please advise. Thank you.