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ver - set default text color and font size?

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  • ver - set default text color and font size?

    Foxit Phantom Standard -
    Can you set the "add text " default to be any color and font size you want? I'd like it to stay a certain color and fiont size every time i start PhantomPDF.
    Right now it always reverts back to its own default which is black, Helvectia 12. T

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    Hi RBME,

    Currently there's no way to set the "Add Text" default to be any color or font size you want. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to PhantomPDF PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-2417.


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      I have same issue. Found it easier to copy and paste first text box rather than change bloody font type and size every time.

      Though being able to set a permanent default would be optimal, simply saving and using prior settings would be sufficient.


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        Actually you can set the font you want as default, please add text with the font you want, then select the textbox and right click, select Set Current Properties as Default. See the attached screenshot.
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