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  • cherry
    Hi krc5052,

    Currently Foxit PhantomPDF doesn't support to create custom page templates in v 6.x. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-2432.
    Regarding "is there a way to add and remove pages from a PDF using JavaScript?", Foxit PhantomPDF supports to remove pages from a PDF using JavaScript for now, but adding pages is not yet supported.

    FYI. this.deletePages (represents deleting the first page)
    this.deletePages(0,2) (represents deleting pages from1-3)

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  • krc5052
    started a topic Page Templates

    Page Templates

    In Acrobat Pro XI, it is possible to create page templates. These page templates can be spawned/removed by JavaScript. Although Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader can use these JavaScript commands, it appears PhantomPDF cannot. Is it possible to use Page Templates in PhantomPDF? If not, is there a way to add and remove pages from a PDF using JavaScript?

    My business requirement: The ability to add one or more representatives' contact information on an application.
    Since I do not know the number of representatives the applicant will have, I need to be able to spawn new pages to handle additional representatives.