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Watermark Print Issue (Adobe)

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  • Watermark Print Issue (Adobe)

    I have been a happy Foxit Phantom user for some time now, but it has just come to my attention that the watermarks I have been creating on my PDF's are not printing when opened and printed though Adobe.

    My watermark is work doc with text, that has been converted to pdf, then applied and saved through Phantom.

    The watermark is visible when the file is opened with an Adobe product, it will just not print.

    I hope someone can please help!

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    Hi Mattlewis,

    Please make sure that the "Document and Annotations" has been chose in the Print dialog.

    If the option is not the cause, please provide the PDF in question for testing for further advise. If it is inconvenient to upload the file publicly , you may email it to [email protected]. (Please also include the version info of Foxit PhantomPDF and Adobe Reader you're using.)


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      Man, you guys have some issues to work out with this! I have managed to get the doc to open and print through Adobe but not without a fair bit of pain. I'll email support and explain.

      Thanks Cherry.


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        Hi Matt,

        Got your email. Thank you.


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          I think the main issue is, printing it out from Adobe product. Pm me if you like.. Literally I have experience with adobe.
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            I was also facing this issue but luckily I use the PDF watermark software which directly print added watermark to PDF file and there is no need to add watermark first, then save it and after it print so. You just have to apply the “Print Only” feature.