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A field <date> in the dynamic stamp changes his font size.

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  • A field <date> in the dynamic stamp changes his font size.

    My dynamic stamp has two fields:
    1) Any text field with font size as 22
    2) <date> field with font size as 16

    For the system date like the created date of the dynamic stamp the font size is OK.
    If I change system date on PC the font size of the <date> field changes to the small size independently.

    Can you fix it?

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    Hi Yaumen,

    Which version of Foxit PhantomPDF are you having? May I have a screenshot of the problem? I tried to change the system date, but the font size of date seemed the same. Please also include how to replicate the issue on your side so I could try again.


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      Hi cherry,
      The version of my PhantomPDF is
      Here is a sample: [ATTACH=CONFIG]n1298[/ATTACH]

      I noticed that the mistake occures when I create my dynamic stamp from my big stamp template (JPG file) and then after insert the stamp to the document I resize it to a smaller size.


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        Hi Yaumen,

        I got no luck to download the attachment. Could you please kindly email the screenshot of the problem to [email protected]? Thank you.


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          This issue could be replicated