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Text can be selected, but not edited. How solve this?

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  • Text can be selected, but not edited. How solve this?


    We would like to edit the following PDF file. We can select text from it, but we cannot edit it. Document does not seem to be protected.

    Why this happens and how solve this?

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    Hi TechNet,

    I've forwarded the document to QA team and Dev team for further investigation. Report ID#: 61088. You may email to [email protected] with this ID# to track the processing status.
    For your current workaround: If you're using Foxit PhantomPDF Business, you may use the "Redaction" tool under "Protect" menu to cover the original text then go under "Edit"->"Add Text" to add new text.


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      Hello cherry and thank you for the support!

      Redaction didn't work as expected: it covered text in black, not white.

      This problematic PDF was generated with pdfFactory. We tried another settings on it, none of them resulted on a fully editable PDF.

      I've sent an email with Report ID#: 61088 and included those details too.


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        Hi TechNet,

        After you drag a rectangle over the text you don't want after you click on "Mark for Redaction", then you can right-click on the rectangle to open "Properties"->change the color of "Redacted Area Fill Color" to white.


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          Workaround still needed on version Is this PDF impossible to edit?


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            Yes, this issue still exists in V7.0.6, and we will fix it in next release 7.1.


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              Tested with and this issue still happes.

              Could you guys reproduce it?


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                Hi TechNet,

                Actually, the texts on your file are form x objects, if you want to edit the kind of the object, please use the tool Edit>Edit Object>All/ Text to edit.


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                  Ok! It works, not exactly as needed as sometimes we have to edit letter by letter but it seems to be a limitation at the way the PDF file was created.