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  • Highlight form fields

    I wonder, is there a way to highlight form fields (for example - text ones) in foxit phantom. When I open the document, a notification appears on the top of the screen. There I can do it.
    But if I close the notification, the button is gone also. And I can't find it in menus.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi fires3as0n,

    Please open Foxit PhantomPDF->go under "File"->"Preferences"->"Forms"-> check "Highlight all fields" and see if it helps. Thank you.


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      Yes, it is straight what I asked for.
      I would never found it myself. But it is rather long to go there each time I need to switch highlighting. Hopefully, they will add a function to customize the program and let users to put some options from preferences straight to quick access toolbar or to the ribbon.
      Anyway, the problem is solved, many thanks!
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        Hi fires3as0n,

        Once you open a PDF document that contains interactive form fields, you'll be prompted by Foxit PhantomPDF a message "This document contains interactive form fields". Then you can simply click on "Highlight Fields" of the message to highlight all the fields in the PDF document.