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"Save As" frustration

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  • "Save As" frustration

    FoxIt is so frustrating when it comes to saving a document.

    It has endeavored to follow the User Interface like the MS Office products. However, unlike those, when you click "Save-As" it remains on the File tab. In the Office products you are brought back to the where the current active document is in view.

    I could bypass this in FoxIt v6 because I added a quick button at the top for "Save-As". It then just opened the file browser prompt for the "Save-as" Name and location. Version 7 now takes you to the File tab and doesn't directly open the save as prompt. So (1.) you can't see the document you are trying to save and (2.) it isn't a shortcut to Save-as at all, but only to the File Tab viewing Save-as.

    Being able to see the document you are saving ensures you are saving the correct document (when you have a number of documents open) and also helps where the file name must include codes or dates on the actual documents and seeing the document you can correctly enter these parameters.

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    Hi Aliby,

    I'm not sure why my answer to your post is gone. I post again. I've forwarded your comments to PM team for processing. You may open Foxit PhantomPDF->go under "File->"Change Toolbar Mode"->Switch to "Classic Toolbar Mode" then you can see the document when you're saving the document.


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      Thanks. That may be a work around until they restore the previous working method