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    Can phantomPdf insert page breaks?

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    Currently, we do not support to insert page breaks, and we have reported it as suggestion to our PM team for future consideration, suggestion id:PHANTOM-2872 . For now, you can try Microsoft Word to add page breaks then prints the word file to pdf file.


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      You can sorta simulate a page break using Organize / Insert Pages / From Blank Page and then Touchup Object, Cut and Paste from one page to the new blank page. Assumes that you just need to do it once or twice... could get unwieldy. But I have done this frequently. Sometimes I need to have separate parts of a PDF on separate pages. So I do what I just described, OR use Organize / Duplicate Pages and then remove things from the bottom of one and from the top of the other. Then Touchup Object lets you move things around on a page, so after you split a page into 2 pages, you can reformat it as needed. Hope I didn't make that sound too complicated... It's not!


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        Hi Janburch,

        Cool. Thanks for the sharing.