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  • Bug Converting from Word to PDF

    I have "Word" format documents (.doc) that I have created using OpenOffice. When I right click on the file and click on "Convert to PDF" a dialog box opens and when I click on "Convert" it fails with a Convert Status of "Failed to start Word application". The same happens if I have PhantomPDF open and try to "Create PDF from file". I do NOT have Microsoft Office, but the file is a valid .doc file. The windows file association for my .doc files is set to OpenOffice, but PhantomPDF does not seem to understand this. Can PhantomPDF seamlessly convert valid word/excel/powerpoint files without Microsoft Office installed? I know I can open the document in OpenOffice and print it to the PhantomPDF printer, but I would like the other conversion options available to me if possible. (convert to pdf, combine supported files, etc.

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    Hi geeky1,

    I've reported this issue to our internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 36468. You can write to [email protected] to track this problem. Thank you.