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Printing to a text + image PDF.. Is it possible?

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  • Printing to a text + image PDF.. Is it possible?

    My Foxit Reader program allows me to print a window as a PDF but it ends up as an image so I can't copy and paste text from them as needed. I would like to know if this PhantomPDF version (or any other) allows you to print both text and images in your PDFs. Please help!

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "print a window as a PDF". What kind of window? Inside of Foxit Reader or outside?

    Foxit Phantom has LOTS of great features. You can cut and paste images and text in PDFs, insert images, copy to clipboard, print all or selected part of a document, rearrange pages, type on the PDF, remove/change text, to mention a few things! Does that answer the question? If not, please explain more about your question.


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      Hi kirkw,

      From which program did you try to print the window as a PDF document?