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Evaluating on 30 day trial licence

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  • Evaluating on 30 day trial licence

    My name is Denis.

    I am currently using PhantomPDf on a 30 day free trial. It is working great opening PDFs and allowing me correct typos, etc. However two issues are causing me concern:

    1: If I enter a new sentence , it flows onto the next line but creates a new line with a right justification. The original text appears a further line below with correct justification. Does anyone know how I can resolve this, please?

    2: The same document has bulleted lists. I need to add more bullets but have not been able to do so. Any advice welcome.

    If I cannot resolve the above, I wonder how useful Phantom PDF will be to me???



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    Hi Denis,

    1) Regarding the "new line with a right justification", I would encourage you to go under "Edit"->"Edit Object"->"All" then adjust the sentence position for now. If possible, I would encourage you to provide a PDF document and a screenshot of the problem and indicate how to replicate the issue. (You may email the PDF document to [email protected] for further advise)
    2) To add more bullets, we may try to copy the bullets in edit mode.