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Why are some pdf files accessible only a page at a time?

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  • Why are some pdf files accessible only a page at a time?

    ...; can't keyin a page number in the middle of the document?
    Foxit indicates this limitation with parens around the page number box at the bottom: e.g. (1 of 234). If I rewrite the file edited to remove the first and the last pages, the new file does not have this problem. Nitro and Adobe pdf readers don't have this problem. Why Foxit?

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    Hi Robert,

    Could you please make a small screenshot that shows how to replicate the problem so I could try on my side as well and advise? Thank you.
    BTW, which version are you having now? Did it occur to any PDF document or just a specific document?


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      ...thanks for your quick response, but those details are beside the point. Someone at FOXIT should inform us as to why some pdf files are treated in this manner. This occurs on both the free version and the latest Phantom version. In "(1 - 234)" you may keyin 77 in place of the 1, to go to page 77, but 77 is replaced with the 1 again. You may click only the arrows to go forward or back one page at a time. Without the parens, "1 - 234", you can keyin 77 and it will go to page 77. These are scanned federal document files of 400 - 500 pages that can't be rendered in text format.


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        Hi Robert,

        How's the page numbering of the PDF in question? Did it start with i, ii, iii, ... then start with 1, 2, 3... ? It would be helpful if you could make screenshots that indicate your operation. Thank you.


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          This is a simple query: In the small rectangular box at the bottom of a pdf page display, the page number of the page currently displayed is shown followed by a forward slash and the number of the total pages in the document, e.g.: 1 / 234 . Sometimes the pages in that rectangular box are enclosed in parentheses, e.g. (1 / 234). What, in FOXIT, is the significance of those parentheses.


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            Hi Robert,

            The problem you mentioned could not be replicated the documents I tested on my side. I would encourage you to send us the PDF in question for testing purpose. Thank you.