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Incorrect conversion PDF to Word (Russian language)

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  • Incorrect conversion PDF to Word (Russian language)

    Foxit Phantom PDF. I convert the pdf text in Russian (Convert ->MSOffice -> Word, and have this code problem (jibber-jabber):

    npOMCXO^H^Me B COBpeMeHHOM MMpe BceoxBaTMBaro^Me raoSaaM3a- pHOHHHe npOpeCCM CTaBHT HOBHe aKTyaaBHBie 3apaHM nepep HayKOM TeOpMM npaBa m rocypapcTBa. Ophom M3 flOMMHMpyro^MX oS^eKTMBHBIX 3a- KOHOMepHOCTeM pa3BMTMH npaBa B HBIHemHMX yCaOBMHX HBaaeTCH nOCTO- HHHOe cSaM^eHMe copep^aHMa npa- BOBOrO peryaMpOBaHMH m BHemHMX ^OpM erO

    How to convert pdf file correctly?

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    I made an assumption that you are using Foxit PhantomPDF V7.0, please do followings:
    1.Make sure Russian OCR is installed, because Export to Word shares the same language engine as OCR. Please download it from
    After downloading it, open Foxit PhantomPDF program -> "Help" > "Install Updates" > browse and choose the .fzip package, and then click the "Open" button. When you're done, click "Done" to finish the installation.
    2.Open the PDF file you wan to export to Word with Foxit PhantomPDF, and go to File->Export->To MS Office->Word->Save as, under this Save as dialog box, please click "Settings" ->set Export Language->check "Russian" and try again.