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Admin login and password requested every time Foxit PhamtomPDF 7 Business is launched

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  • Admin login and password requested every time Foxit PhamtomPDF 7 Business is launched

    Hello and Happy New Year to you all,

    Now the bad news... In our company, our Users are simple Users (not admin) in term of rights. When they try to launch Foxit PhamtomPDF 7 Business (ENU version) on their W7 machines, they are asked an admin login/password.
    If they type their normal login (not admin), 8 or 10 process Foxit PhamtomPDF 7 are visible in the task manager and seem to loop. It's not possible to kill them all so the user need to logoff or restart his PC. And the next time Foxit PhamtomPDF 7 Business is launched, the same message appears.
    If they type an admin login and password, it works, and the message doesn't appear anymore after that.
    If they don't type anything and click "cancel", it seems to work but it's likely that some features will not work normaly at some point, and on top of that, the message will appear each time Foxit PhamtomPDF 7 Business will be launched again.
    So it's very annoying to our users and, since we're in pilot, that may very badly weight on the pilot conclusions.

    So, I'm wondering if there any way to avoid this ? (using a GPO or any workaround)

    The details of the message that is displayed says something like : “c:\Program files (x86)\foxit phantompdf\foxit phantompdf-addfiletype “ppdf|foxitphantompdf.ppdf|documentppdf foxit|c:\program files (x86)\foxit phantompdf\plugins\plgdynloader.fpi|0”

    Thanks for your help
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    Solution provided by the Foxit Support (thanks again guys !)
    Replace the plgdynloader.fpi file by another version of this file which can be downloaded here and the issue dissapears :